Top 6 Useful Photoshop Plugins. If you are looking photoshop plugins or photoshop plugins free Then this is the best place for you. Because, here i will teach you best photoshop plugins for photographers or photoshop extension follow my easy steps.


Hi everyone welcome to this article in this photoshop plugin article, I'm going to tell you about my personal liked photoshop plugins, that I recommend to people also as we are humans we have different choices so you might not like some plugins that I personally like and that's truly fine to be honest also i insist you to tell me if I missed any cool plugin and it is must to have in photoshop collection also for any plugins no links are sponsored as you can tell neither they're affiliated all our original links so yeah let's go.


1: - Pixel Squid

The first plugin on our list is pixel squid before we talk about this i will let you know that the plugin is free but you need pixels with subscription for making the use of plugin or having a reason to have the plugin, that comes for around 20 dollars per month or if you buy an annual subscription it is 200 dollars, So pixelsquid is a library of 3d objects so you get your desired angle and then you either download it as a PSD file or a PNG file, the best thing is that the results are perfect for spring there are no white fringes or no bad selection like there's nothing like that they also give you some advanced option like shadows on or off if you suck at shadows like me or there are some high quality low quality options and there are some other options. coming back to the usage of plugin it gets installed in photoshop and then you log in you're using subscription account and using website you can make your own library which will be shown in photoshop so you can add objects in your library on website and then use them directly in photoshop and rotate and get your object, there's nothing much more to know about this plugin link is in the description if you're interested to download the plugin or buy a pixel squared subscription go ahead and check out right now.


2: -Oniric Glow Generator

Number two it is called Oniric glow generator by the company composite nation however the company is run by the guy who himself is an artist named mario obero by the name of the plugin you can guess it helps you to generate glow effects, if i use two words it helps you to generate bloom and the light streaks effects quickly, they have tons of options to be honest i might make a separate video about the Oniric glow generator in depth but till the time you can check out distance article about this plugin however their core features are radius for the area threshold which is important in any light based plugin obviously they also give you options to colorize the glow they have HSL sliders just like photoshop which helps you to get the desired color they have all the features which you expect to be in a plug-in like masking erasing and all that the interface of this plugin is modern as well stylish pancreatic phone is used pretty cool to be honest please remember this plugin only supports 2018 in the newer that is 2019 20 and the 21 plugins i mean the photoshop versions, so if you're below 2018 photoshop version please request mario to make them work with this okay now the pricing single user license which could be installed on two computers is 119 dollars while studio license which could be installed on 10 computers is 500 license is lifetime including the updates i personally talked to a professional digital artist and photographer Kevin Carden you might know him as christianpsart regarding the pricing of this plugin and he said he really don't mind paying 119 for a plug-in if it gets his job done um let me know what you think about the pricing check the link in the description for online pro generator also thanks to Mario Olvera for allowing me to talk about this plugin in this article.


3: -BreakGen

Number third again a plugin by composite nation named breakgen, i had a big debate with myself to be honest if i should include this or no so the role of this plugin is simple, it helps you to quickly generate layer breakdowns zero breakdowns if you don't know in your layer panel you hide all of your layers and then from initial layer to final layer you go step by step by enabling them to visible which helps other people to know how your artwork was created or whatever was created now for some people this might not be a plugin to spend your money upon and i get that generating layer breakdowns is easy all you have to do is open the recording software and go layer by layer but when you have tons of layers it is very time consuming to go step by step also it is hard to go layer by layer exactly on the same time as of previous layer i hope you get what i mean thus this plugin comes in hand all you have to do is tell the plugin the time between the layers you want to have the gap choose the format you can choose either the mp4 or the gif or gif and then click on generate and you have it the plugin comes for 89$ and this also supports photoshop 2018 and then universals so if you want to get this plug-in check the link in the description and you can get this.

Coolor Us

4:-Coolor Us

On fourth i would like to talk about plug-in called color us this is a colour wheel plugin for photoshop and if I'm aware that your versions of photoshop do have color wheel option but if you're someone like me who uses older versions i use 2018 one then this plugin can be useful or if you're not happy with the inbuilt photoshop color wheel and you're looking for an alternative this might be the one it is easy to install the interface is clean no performance issues to be honest you also have options to switch between color styles such as mono complementary colors or triad and there are some other in color choosing options you can either get triangle which i personally like the other options is of square just like the standard one in adobe photoshop, the pricing for this is 15 however when checking out it says 17 as GST is included so if you're looking for a color with plugin consider checking this out there's not much to talk about this plugin


5: -Shadowify

 Moving on to next plugin i told you previously that i suck at shadows so the next plugin is about shadows you might have already heard about it and it's called shadowify by the guy h3 designs on creative market shadowify helps you to create cool drop shadows yes there is a drop shadow feature in photoshop already but if you're not satisfied with it this might make you happy in this plugin you also have a separate option to blur the shadow that you created in shadow panel you get options like angle for setting the direction for the shadow you have 360 degree control over the angle some other features are distance steps scales etc as i already told you there is a different panel for blur so you have some more options in it the pricing of this plugin starts from 14 for personal usage eighteen dollars for commercial and hundred and twelve dollars for the extended commercial usage this plugin supports photoshop 2015 i mean the cc 2015 and higher versions some people say that this plugin is better than the existing drop shadow feature of photoshop well i will leave that on you i recommend you to check out pixi and perfect's video on this he have explained and reviewed this plugin in depth i also agree with one of his points that there should be a real-time preview of the shadow that you're going to create because that might save or more time other than that this plugin is really good and i recommend you to check out as always link in description


6: -Pureref

Moving on the final tool for this article it is pureref I'm calling this a tool because it is not a photoshop plugin it is a free tool that works with everything on your computer any software this is more like a bonus you can say for this article i really like it using this free tool you can pin any of your references on top of your screen so you can follow along with your inspiration you don't have to maximize or minimize your browser or the picture viewer again and again especially if you have a low end computer like me in this tool you can add multiple images as references not just one you can move the tool window anywhere on your screen you can choose your desired size and what not there are certain shortcuts using which you can use to quickly navigate in the tool whether you use photoshop or cinema 4d or ms paint it doesn't matter it works with everything I think it can be helpful for some of you also you can directly from internet let's say deviantart drag images into it without downloading them and you can save your reference file as well so check the link in the description and if you are interested you can download it for free before we end this video

Conclusion: -

I would like to tell you my overview about the plugins, plugins are helpful in saving your time or maybe achieving some effect which we don't know how to and we aren't in mood or in time to learn about it but that doesn't mean that you need to get the plugin anyhow you can achieve effects without them as well just because i name a plugin in this article doesn't mean that you really need them in must do research if you really need them if you really like if it's worth your money because money is important right also all of the plugins that i named in this article are good there's no competition among the first that i named or the last that i made all of them i think serve their purpose best and that's what we need and here we end this article.