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Speed Up Photoshop. If you are looking how to make photoshop run faster or photoshop faster Then this is the best place for you. Because, here i will teach you how to speed up photoshop or photoshop performance follow my easy steps.

How to Speed Up Photoshop

In this Article I'm going to be showing you guys how you can make your Photoshop run faster so guys for this video I have five different things that will improve your speed up photoshop all of these ways will improve your loading times for things like graphics packs and also just general Photoshop once you're using Photoshop, once you're using Photoshop in a day-to-day routine and you'll just say for instance designing something this will make it run a whole lot faster and it won't lag.

Step 1: - Increase Memory Usage

So with that said I'm going to kick it off with the first step and that's to head over to the top where it says edit right next to file scroll all the way down to preferences and then once you have selected that finally performance tab is right here select that and it will open up a separate tab on your computer once you are under this performance tab you want to go to where it says memory usage is the first one here and you want to increase this from 70 percent yours will be on around 70 and you want to increase this to whatever you want so I'm going to put mine up to around about 74 you may think that's not even much it's not going to make Photoshop run faster but it definitely will you can't even increase this more if you wish but of course I don't want everything running really slow if I am using Photoshop so 74 percent is a really good median so make sure you bump yours up to that if you do have more RAM than me so you have loads of RAM then you can bump this up even more and it will improve your speeds but I recommend around about 74 percent for the average computer or laptop so that's the first step in order to make Photoshop run faster let it use more of your RAM.

speed up photoshop

Step 2: -Deselect to Use Graphics Processor

The second way is to actually deselect use graphics processor now I only recommend this for someone who uses Photoshop and it runs really really slow over that or you have a really bad graphics card and you don't want to Photoshop to use it otherwise it would just make it even slower than it is so if you have a bad graphics card or even your Photoshop is running really really slow then deselect use graphics processor sometimes this can come in handy though so I keep mine selected but like I said if you want a Photoshop to run even faster than it is and you have a bad computer all that top then make sure you deselect this so that is the first two steps increase your RAM and also deselect use graphics processor for the next one I'm going to be decreasing the history States.

Step 3: -Decreasing the History Status

 So under the history and cache tab you will see one called history States we want to decrease this - on 50 that means I can I step back around about 50 times and this is just too much you want to step back yours to around about I'm going to say 15 and that's just going to make Photoshop run a whole lot faster so just decrease yours to around about 15 if it's even lower than 15 say for instance 4 and you've always had it on that and you you don't mind it then of course keep it on for but but I'm going to recommend the size of 15 for your history states so that is all the steps for the performance tab here like I said increase your memory usage to 73 or 74 percent also deselect use graphics processor if you have a bad graphics card and also move your history states of 215 you want to make sure you hit that okay button because otherwise it won't save once you have pressed okay you actually want to close down Photoshop and reopen it for the changes to actually be applied to your Photoshop.

Step 4: -Advanced System Settings

So for the fourth way to increase your Photoshop speeds you actually want to head over to your control panel so I'm just going to type in control panel here and then once you're on it you want to go up to the top right here where you can actually search for stuff and you want to search for the follower you want to search for advanced system settings you want to click view advanced system settings this will open up a separate tab on your computer under the Advanced tab if you're not on there already you want to go to where it says performance select settings and this will be enabled it says let windows choose what's best for your computer if your Photoshop is running really slow or even any game is running really slow this will definitely improve it wants to select adjust for best performance if you press apply the text in Windows changes as you can see if you start using Photoshop you will see like I said this text will look a little weird but the actual Photoshop itself will run a whole lot faster it won't change any of the display settings or anything but if you don't just keep it on at the normal setting or you can even try a custom one where you do a little bit of both it's completely up to you but if your computer's running slow and I definitely recommend you do this.

Step 5: -Disk Clean-up Your PC

 So guys the last and final step is to go to your documents just like I'm doing right now select this PC here on the left hand corner and then that maximize this here and under the OS which is your C Drive you want to right click it go to properties and then once you have selected this it will open up a new tab and you just want to select disk clean up what this will do is it will clean up your whole disk getting rid of any extra cache files that you don't need especially in Photoshop as well and then we just make it run faster overall as you can see it may take a couple of minutes but it's definitely worth doing and that is all of the steps done hopefully your Photoshop will be running faster after doing all of these steps one extra thing that you can do to improve your Photoshop speeds even more if you're heavy graphic designer or you just even want to improve the speeds of your windows overall then I definitely recommend you buy a SSD if you put this inside your computer then you put Photoshop on your SSD and it will just run a whole lot faster personally I don't have an SSD at the moment but I will be interested in purchasing one in the near future it's really really worth the money I think it's only around about forty pound for the cheapest SSD so make sure you check them out on Amazon and maybe even purchase one anyways guys that is it for this article if you did enjoy make sure to share this article to your friends.